Director's Message

  • Ravindra chandel

    English Speaking Institutes- I personally thank you for manifesting interest in AIEL'S revolutionary concept of English teaching.

    Your decision to learn English through us is a smart step in the direction. You will appreciate that, whether you are serviceman, professional , housewife, businessman , sales representative , media person , student preparing for MEDIA/CALL CENTRES/IELTS/TOEFL or going abroad your interaction with English is prerequisite. Besides providing the study material, various activities are conducted during the sessions to help students implement the skills they are learning. The various courses offered here are Spoken English Basic Course, Spoken English Advanced Course, Spoken English Comprehensive Course, Spoken English Course in Noida, English Speaking Institutes.
    As you move ahead in life you will find it difficult to do without English, and will realize the importance of this language in each & every field. So be smart and make your move today.
    With warms regards & best wishes.
    Ravindra chandel

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